TestFlight app renders white screen halfway through app

  1. SDK Version: 39.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS

I’ve just built an app and am in the process of submitting it to the app store. Completed the build from the CLI without an issue. Uploaded to AppStore connect via transporter.

Put my app into test flight and downloaded to an iPhone X.

All going well so far…

I open the app and the first three screens load. This is essentially 3 individual forms that save data to the async storage.

I go to open the main part of the app that requires access to the camera and also loads a websocket to a remote server. (This part works fine in development and can submit to the live server)

Instead of the expected screen i get a blank white screen.

I did some reading around the issue and there was a suggestion that the app needed to be published through the CLI and then a build would work. Unfortunately this made no difference.

I’ve never had to debug at this level before so not really sure what to do to try and get more information to solve the issue.

Any thoughts or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Posting this here in case it helps someone.

So i installed Sentry and redeployed to TestFlight and it turns out that a config fallback did not work as expected.

Therefore the url value for the websocket was undefined and it rendered a blank screen.

It’s unfortunately a little verbose as a process to find a breadcrumb to the solution but it’s progress so that’s pleasing enough.

Glad you were able to get started on the right track of hunting down the root cause. Debugging production issues is often more tedious but here’s some documentation on advice that we often suggest: Debugging - Expo Documentation


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