TestFlight and Release Channels

I would like to ask how to use Release Channels to create different versions of applications for TestFlight.

What I need
Two separate applications on TestFlight, for example:

  1. AppName (production)
  2. AppName Staging (version for testers)

What I already know
I can build an application with a separate --release-channel parameter and a separate configuration file --config

Example: expo bi --release-channel staging --config app.staging.json

What I don’t know

  1. Can I use different bundleIdentifier values in configuration files?
    For example, com.appName.prod for app.json and com.appName.staging for app.staging.json
  2. I need to use different API keys, APNS keys and Google services files. How to generate these keys for different Release Channels?
  3. What about the expo fetch:android:keystore command? How to use it for different Release Channels? For Android version.

Maybe I think wrongly and I should create a completely separate project?
How do you deal with this problem?

Does anyone have any experience with TestFlight and Release Channels?
I will also be grateful for any information! :slight_smile: