Task :app:compileReleaseJavaWithJavac FAILED

I am trying to build my application. But every time it is failing to build at same point
When i was using sdk 46 everything working but when i upgrade to sdk 48 getting error.
i tired downgrade to 46 sdk and it worked but again when i upgrade to 48 sdk then build error occurs

  1. my eas-cli version : “>= 3.2.1”

  2. Expo sdk 48

  3. Package.json

  4. Error : Task :app:compileReleaseJavaWithJavac FAILED

Hi @chirag773

Do you have a “plugins” section in your app.json? What does it contain?

If you have flipper enabled, does it build if you disable it?

Hi @wodin
I don’t have plugins section in app.json

In babel.config I have plugins.

My app.config.js

If you are using flipper you should have a plugins array in the app.config.js like this :
plugins: ['expo-community-flipper']

I am not using flipper, still i am getting an error