Switching expo accounts and uploading my saved keystore is resulting in a broken Android build

I first did a build on my personal Expo account, and let expo handle setting up the keystores. I used this keystore to deploy the first few versions to the Google Play store

The client I’m working for then wanted the app moved to their expo account instead.

First, I got the the keystore file, passwords, and alias from my existing app. Then, I used their credentials to log in to expo using the expo cli. Then I did a build:android, and entered in all the keystore information.

However, when I try to do a fastlane supply --track 'beta' --json_key './.creds/google-deploy-key.json' --package_name "com.--redacted--.--redacted--" --apk "app.apk", it gives me the following error:

apkNotSignedWithUploadCertificate: APK has not been signed with the upload certificate

Was I supposed to let Expo set up new keys for this new expo account?

Hey @daybreaker,

Have you by chance enabled Google Play App Signing for this project? Doing so means you need to sign your app with a different keystore (one which comes directly from google play).

Here’s some additional information about GPAS: Use Play App Signing - Play Console Help



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