Swipe actions in android not working


I’m using React-navigation, react-native-gesture-handler and react-native-modal in my Expo app for various swipe actions and everything works as intended in IOS. However, not a single swipe is working on Android (Tried in device and simulator).

Expo version is: 39,
React native modal: “^11.5.6”,
React-native-gesture-handler: “~1.7.0”
React-navigation: “^5.9.2”

Thanks in advance!

I’ve been able to narrow down the issue, so it seems that the problem is that I’m using a modal with a flatlist of swipeable entries. This works on IOS but not Android, any idea how I can make it work on android?

Here is an example: https://snack.expo.io/@navidnayeri/shallow-bagel

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