Support of special characters in push notifications?

I have managed to use push notifications but I found out that there is no support for special characters such as ä, ö and å in Swedish.

Am I missing something?

How can somebody use push notifications in a language that uses special characters such as Greek for example?

Any help is appreciated.

Hey @bmoy69,

Could you provide a way to reproduce this error?
I just used Expo’s Push Notification Tool and a quick Snack build, and was able to successfully send special characters (specifically the ones you listed above)

Good luck!

Hi @charliecruzan and thank you very much for your response.

After thorough debugging I found out that there was actually no problem with the push notifications, regarding the special characters.

The problem occured when I passed data from php to javascript prior to sending the message in the push notification via ajax request:
var nMessage = <?php echo $nMessage; ?>;

The problem was resolved by encoding the passed data before they were assigned to the javascript variable:
var nMessage = decodeURI("<?php echo $nMessage; ?>");

It may not seem very relevenat for the forum but I would like to mention it here for any future reference that could be helpful for a developer.

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