Support module Google Places autocomplete

Hi guys!
I really need this module: but I think it is not supported by exponent, right?

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At the moment, if you want to use packages which require react-native link to install, you need to detach.

That’s a bummer. Is there anyway to implement a google places input without native modules?

seems like theres a few packages that may avoid native dependencies by using fetch?

I would also love to see a solution for the google places api that would not mean detaching.

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This one seems promising:

Anyone have any luck with this package? I followed the docs and spent half a day, while running Expo but couldn’t get it firing. I’m developing for both android and ios using redux and mapview. I’m just wondering if anyone has got it working and therefore worth the time to pursue further?

@misterdjack I am currently using FaridSafi/react-native-google-places-autocomplete in one of my projects. Works very weel, but it does not show the map.
Can you specify more about the problem you are having

Thank you so much for the reply. After reading it motivated me and I went through again and got it working!

@arcomito @misterdjack @dikaiosune @esganzerla @minibbjd @thiagoterleski

hello guys,
im also using the same module for places in my project but im not able to hide the listView.
Im also using the prop listViewDisplayed=“auto”.
Even that doesnt helps…

Code at: react-native-google-places-autocomplete Example - Snack

Im using exactly same code just for trial but the listView is taking my half screen.

Any help will be highly appreciated guyss!!!

You can’t customize it as the one mentioned in the main post. Check :

Hi, I am using this one:

Works ok with expo, but now I am trying to configure the API credentials for the apk, and I don’t know how to restrict it, with this one, can’t get the results, error 403

I Think I can’t use IP or URL, any help?? Locally works perfect, but when I build the apk only the map works but the Autocomplete no…


please how did you get it working. i have done everything possible in the github repo. still not populating. my api is valid