Support for PNPM on EAS

When can we expect support for PNPM on EAS? I found a tweet of Bret saying that you were going to explore adding support for PNPM on EAS, is there an issue where we can track that?

good timing :smiley: It landed yesterday

What I mean by support is that eas builder will detect root of the workspace and run pnpm install in correct directory, but making sure project works with pnpm is on you.

If you have bare project and it works locally it will work on eas too.
If you have managed project there potentially might be some issues with peer dependencies or module autolinking.

You can check GitHub - byCedric/expo-monorepo-benchmark , those examples do not fully work, but it’s good starting point


Yesssssss! That’s exactly what I meant. I already have a working pnpm workspace using Expo. Thank you.

@wkozyra Also, does that mean that expo prebuild support pnpm as well?

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no, we run expo prebuild --no-install on eas and run install command with specific package manager after that.

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