Subscriptions with apollo timing out

Hey guys,
I’m using subscriptions-transport-ws with apollo
They have a keepAlive config option but i notice my subscription disconnects as soon as i lock my phone.

I have tested this with expo client and a standalone build [Test flight]

Is this have anything to do with react-native not running code in the background?

the keepalive appears to be working in subscriptions-transport-ws but the client disconnects after 6 minutes of idleness

Hey @farzd,

I’m personally not familiar with this library, but maybe someone else in the community is. My suggestion was going to be to create an issue on there repo, but it looks like you already have:

I’ll let you know if I find out anything.



Thanks @adamjnav i didnt mean to double post, just not sure which domain and expertise the issues lies in :blush:

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