Stuck at Downloading JavaScript bundle 100.0%

What did the trick??

Check the message he has replied.
But I have this problem on android only :confused:

I also stuck at the same problem and did every possible thing but its not working, I revert every change but still the issue is there…

I created my own solution and it works perfectly for me, maybe it might help someone, you can try it with Apple and Android too

  1. Update expo-cli and react-native with npm update -g expo-cli and npm update -g react-native
  2. Uninstall expo app on emulator or device and reinstall it
  3. Create new project with expo init project_name (use your original project name, rename the previous for backup).
  4. Try to run this new blank app in your expo app, it should run properly.
  5. Now install every dependency from non working package.json one by one or in bulk but without giving version using command expo install package_name (Manually because it might be possible because of version conflict).
  6. Now add your old project files and directories including app.json and App.js to this new project.
  7. Run your project again with expo start -c command.

And here you go with your working project!
Happy Coding!!! :grin:

@stevemoretz @inimist and others, please try this if you are not able to fix it untill now.