Strategy for Expo detached binary update on stores

Hi there,
I’m about to publish a new version of my detached expo app. This version includes a new lib (with native code), I have to update android and iOS binaries in order to make it work.
Is there a specific use case or strategy concerning this update?
The obvious options I see:
First option:

  • Publish the new binary on the stores
  • Wait for their validation (both iOS and Android)
  • exp publish when live on stores.

Second option:

  • publish using a new channel (let’s say v2)
  • wait for validation
  • ready to go on channel v2

I guess the second option is better and safer, this way I’m sure they do not have the app break if they do not update.

Any experience, advice on that?

Also regarding this post: Release channels on detached ExpoKit app
I still can’t really figured out where I should change the channel path in my Android project.

My guess is that I should edit MainActiviy :

public String publishedUrl() {
    return "exp://";

but I’m not sure about it it also could be in:

public static String INITIAL_URL = "exp://";

A little more accurate info on it would be nice in the doc :slight_smile:

this works for me:

public String publishedUrl() {
return “exp://”;

@slorber Thanks for your input.

I’ve tried to change “default” by :
public static final String RELEASE_CHANNEL = "prod-v1.1";
in the app/java/host.exp.exponent/generated/
and it seems to do the job just great.

I’ve published my binary update (including the above modification of on the beta channel on the Android Play Store.
then I published on the prod-v1.1 expo channel: exp publish --release-channel prod-v1.1

And it seems to work like a charm, update I’ve made are updated on the beta channel only and the production version of my app keep working as before.

Thanks to the expo team for the great work :slight_smile:

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