Strange Issue with Expo publish

I am facing a very strange issue. I have already finished building my app using react-native with Expo and recently have deployed the app in both apple and google app stores and after I have done so everytime I run the command ‘exp publish’ it deploys a new release or updates the app on app store instead I would like it only to update the app in expo so we can test the app in expo and once we are done we can run the command ‘exp build’ and then upload the new .ipa or apk file ourselves but I find it very strange that the command ‘exp publish’ actually deployed new release with same version on the app store. Please suggest what is causing this behaviour?

Hey @zeeshanjan82,

This is the expected behavior. It allows you to quickly push bug fixes, add new APIs from the Expo SDK over-the-air. To avoid this happening, you could either make use of Release Channels or disabled OTA updates by disabling updates in your app.json.



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