StoreReview.requestReview callback?

Just a view days ago, i implemented this feature by myself with a simple Alert and i was happy that expo has this feature now.

So after the first login to my app, i wait for 7 days and ask the user if he wants to rate my app.
If the user says yes, he gets redirected to the store, if he says no i’ll not ask again and if he says later, i will ask next time.

With StoreReview.requestReview the user choose between rating my app with stars or says “later”. But how do i know what he did so i can log that and maybe ask again in a week or never?

I cant see any information about that in the docs :sweat_smile:

Thanks to the expo-team for adding this feature! :slight_smile:

Great question! The underlying iOS API SKStoreReviewController does not provide any callback or any information at all. So, there’s nothing we can pass back to you. Strange API design :thinking:

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