Store Review - has anyone gotten this working?

I have implemented this in my app correctly, to the best of my knowledge, but I’m having a pretty hard time testing it to make sure it actually works correctly before I deliver to my client!

  1. In iOS, when testing, the review Modal says “Enjoying Expo?” instead of “Enjoying [nameOfMyApp]” – will this resolve in production? Do I have to view it in production to see it actually populate with my app’s details?!

  2. On all of my android devices, both in emulators and from an .apk, no modal pops up. This is not an android version issue, I am running version 9. It just links directly to the play store with no modal for in-app review.

Where am I going wrong? Can I see what you’ve done if you’ve got this working fully?!

Same issue, can’t get anything else than the expo app rating, but I would think this is normal behavior as it’s using native APIs to start the rating process, and if you’re running on the expo go app then the expo go rating shows up.
I’m a bit afraid of pushing that to my prod app to test, but I guess I’ll have to !