Still waiting for on demand build

I completely understand why free accounts might experience slower service in the execution of their builds. However, if I have input my payment details in the billing page. Question is: why is my build not expedited since I am now a paying customer? I am still experiencing a ~3 hour wait time.

Is there anything else I need to do in my account to or in my app.json to trigger my on-demand payment? Or is it just a fact, that as a paying on-demand customer, I still receive the same service level as a free account?

hi @david_greenberg!

  • on demand billing does not apply for builds at the moment, only production or enterprise plans can have access to priority builds.
  • priority queue will apply to builds that you have started after signing up. if you have a build that is already waiting in the free queue, then you signed up for a production or enterprise plan, then that build will remain there. you can cancel it and kick off a new build.
  • if you signed up for the production / enterprise plan under a specific account, you will need to ensure that the project you are working on is associated with that account. you can run eas open in your project to see what account it is associated with (the “owner” of the project). ensure that the owner is the account that is subscribed to a plan.

Hi @david_greenberg

By the way, you can also build on your own machine with eas build --local if you have the prerequisites (e.g. macOS and Xcode for an iOS app.)

Thanks @brents! This is the clearest explanation I have seen. Would be nice if that were included on subscription page.

Thanks @wodin, that is the backup. We are working through that in parallel, but it is not devoid of it’s own issues.

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