StatusBar text black in standalone build

Hey guys,
with SDK 25 I have build and deployed a standalone binary to TestFlight. Now, the status bar text color is black.

With previous builds < 25 the status bar text color was white on iOS standalone builds. I did not configure the Status Bar color in any way, as it does not clash with my app’s colors. As noted in the documentation here ( the default status bar text color for standalone builds iOS is white. I did not add status bar configuration now, when upgrading to SDK 25.

Expected behaviour for me would be to see a white status bar.

So, I guess my question is: Is it still the expected behaviour for iOS standalone builds to default to a white status bar? Or did this behaviour change between SDK 24 and SDK 25?
Or more crucially, can it happen that I build my application in development mode somehow (which would keep the status bar style of the Expo app)? If this can happen, can I avoid it, as I think this may also be related to a previous question I had (SDK 25 Publication available OTA to SDK 24 Build).

Thanks a lot for any input,

Hey there, I think this changed sometime in February. I’m not sure whether we’ve deployed that change yet, though.

In general, it’s best to always provide an explicit <StatusBar /> configuration in your app’s screens in order to prevent ambiguity.

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Thanks a lot ben!
Exactly the information that I needed!

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