StatusBar is not working fine on android 7.0

StatusBar backgroundColor and translucent is not working.
Mobile model: Huawei P9
System version: Android 7.0

Hi! It’s very challenging to help you debug this without a working example. Could you please provide an example via or via a github repo that we can use to reproduce this problem? Thanks!

dikaiosune, do you even develop with Expo? Can’t you just try yourself as simple as changing status bar color to see that it really doesn’t work? Or maybe try to Google? The are plenty of issues on this topic.

OMG! 2 years later it still doesn’t work… :smiley:

Here is your snack, dikaiosune: sadistic popcorn - Snack

In case you don’t know how to use documentation: StatusBar · React Native

Can’t wait for you answer.


Hi @aeom - I reviewed your flag to moderation regarding the request for repro above, and want to address this directly.

While it would be ideal for all questions to come in with a minimal, complete and verifiable example, everyone from the Expo team and developer community typically tries their best to help troubleshoot given the information and time that they have. It’s common, and encouraged, to ask for more information when that would be useful to help a user more quickly and efficiently.

Separately, I would really appreciate it if you helped maintain and cultivate the culture of civility and respectfulness here on the Expo forums, which is such a precious thing about our community. Your comments to dikaiosune here are combative and rude, and don’t have a place on this forum.

We want to keep helping you out, and care about you as a user, so please let me know that you’re both able and willing to be nice and be respectful in addressing other people from now on, even if the situation frustrates you. If you have questions or want to discuss this, feel free to reach out to me directly -


Sorry, for being an asshole. Won’t happen again.

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Thanks @aeom — I really appreciate this! <3

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