StatusBar -- Android 9

Hi There,

While away my phone updated to the latest version of Android. I am using a Nokia5.1 so it is Android One, version 9 from what i can tell.

It seems that now statusBar is ignoring the translucent parameter and will not draw behind the statusBar, so my phone is now adding 30+ pixles padding to the top of my app, starting at the bottom of the statusBar, not the top of the physical screen (using the header height of size + StatusBar.currentHeight.

It is only my phone that is doing this, all other android users in the office are working fine. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this and has a solution… like i dont think there is a way to filter out specific versions of android to apply a fix manually to this.

this doesn’t seem to be new either, as loading up our current store apps which are probably 6months old are seeing the same issues.
I have left similar posts at stackoverflow with no response.

I’m shocked that no one else has experienced this yet?? It is very breaking to experience and need help overcoming this issue.

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