Status bar turns white when modal opens on Android

Physical Device: One Plus X
Expo Client Version: 2.10.1
sdkVersion: 33.0.0
Laptop: MacOS 10.13.6

I am experiencing an issue in an app I am working on where when the modal opens, the status bar turns white. This issue appears to occur on Android and not iOS devices. The modal has a property called transparent. when set to true it adds the effect of turning the status bar white. When set to false, the status bar appears normal.

Expected Behaviour: Status bar appears normal when modal is opened.
Actual Behaviour: Status turns white when modal opens.

Here are screenshots. The first is with the transparent property set to true and the modal is open

The second is with the transparent property set to false and the modal is open.

I would like to have the status bar appear normal and have the transparent property set to false.

Here is a link to the source code: GitHub - WillzMu/statusBarBug: status bar turns white on android when a modal opens. This is on expo

Try modifying your app.json

barStyle and backgroundColor may help to set the default style of the status bar.

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Thank you. That is a very good option.