Startup error, key cannot be nil (Timing with params)


I’ve upgraded expo client in my iOS simulator and started receiving following error after startup (goes fine through expo loading screen then flashes this error and quits to iOS home screen)

As this seems like native error, I’m a bit confused to what could be causing them.

Another note, one of the changes I made recently was to add

  "expo": {
     // previous config

to my app.json

Also I just reverted back to commit that I know worked 100%, and it is failing with same error. I believe this issue is due to upgrading expo client in iOS.

My issue turned out to be related with mobx and router history, I’ve made history observable and somehow this resulted in a crash during startup. This didn’t happen while simulator was running and hot reloading and only became and issue when I completely closed and restarted the project.

Solution I came to was to only make location observable from history not history itself.