Starting a project in Android it's impossible

I starting a new project and uses the commands:

  1. expo init image-feed —yarn
  2. Cd image-feed
    3 yarn start - OK
  3. yarn start ios - OK
  4. yarn start Android and I get this error: (can some one please help)?

$ expo start Android

Starting project at /Users/rlousada/Documents/Developer/react-native/Fullstack-react-native-book/image-feed/Android

Can’t read JSON file: /Users/rlousada/Documents/Developer/react-native/Fullstack-react-native-book/image-feed/Android/package.json

└─ Cause: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘/Users/rlousada/Documents/Developer/react-native/Fullstack-react-native-book/image-feed/Android/package.json’

Cannot read property ‘platforms’ of null

Set EXPO_DEBUG=true in your env to view the stack trace.

Hi @rlousada,

What are you trying to do with these commands? Open up your project in the respective OS simulator?

Hello @charliecruzan,

I was starting the EXPO project in each of the simulators. The project is not ejected so i don’t have the ios and the Android directories. And from what i have read this should be possible?

Thanks again for your help.

When prompted by the CLI, you chose expo-template-bare-minimum, correct?

If you choose to go the managed route, then the Expo CLI doesn’t create ios or android folders.

What version of the CLI are you using? I just tried reproducing and don’t receive this error when running yarn android

No, i used blank, should i use bare-minimum? expo cli is v 2.14

You can read about the two separate workflows here. Depends on your needs, but if you want to continue with the project you’ve already started in the managed workflow, then there are no android/ios folders, all you need to do is run expo start and then, when prompted, press either i to launch the ios sim, or a to launch the android sim.

Let me know if that clears it up!

Yes it does, thank you so much @charliecruzan

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