Start application slow

hello, I’m from China. There is a question to ask, because the Chinese network is walled. Using expo to generate apk, the first time you open the apk download application data is very slow, the page loads for a long time. It is especially fast to open the software after using vpn. How to solve this problem?


I have not tested this myself, but these feature requests seem relevant:

And of course for assets, see this:

thank you

Hi @panlei,

Thanks for your information, I am going to develop an app and wondering Expo is the right choice or not for me. And our customers are mainly in China and Australia.

Could you please add my WeChat - ‘strongpine36’ then I can collect more information from you?

Luke Teng

Sorry, everyone, my English is too bad. The problem has been solved. It takes a long time to open the application in China to use AsyncStorage. After opening the VPN, there is no such situation. Is there a clear friend? . Workaround to resolve this issue using SecureStore

i我遇到了同样的问题 也是去掉了存储的那个就快了,加下微信 yjavacn 探讨下