Standalone iOS app update doesn't immediately update js

I recently created a new version of my expo app and created a standalone app without any issues. After submitting the update to apple and had someone download it to make sure everything was working. They opened the app and instead of the new version they got the old version and then had to close and reopen to get the new version. I am using “loadJSInBackgroundExperimental” so if I had just published an OTA update to expo I would have expected the delay but when you upload a new binary to the app store does it not update immediately?

Hey @bevilacqua - sorry for the confusion here. What probably happened is that since the device had the older version of the JS cached, the new binary loaded the cached JS rather than the version embedded in the binary. We’re actively working on some improvements to the OTA update system which should clear up this issue - you can expect to see them in SDK 25 or 26.

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