Standalone iOS app crashes when typing quickly in <Input /> field

This is a very strange blocker issue that only started occurring about a week ago. My Input field is setup in the standard React/Redux format where the field fires an action, the action triggers a reducer, and the reducer updates state to update that value of the input field.

As of last week, however, whenever I type into the field, after an arbitrary amount of characters, the entire app locks up and crashes. This seems to be made worse if I’m typing quickly and if auto-correct kicks in, but this might just be coincidence.

This ONLY occurs on standalone apps, and I can’t get the issue to reproduce on my development app, on the iOS simulator, or with the published app.

Has anyone encountered anything like this before? I’m happy to provide logs… but I don’t know how to get them. I tried getting iOS crash logs, but it looks like there aren’t any.

This is my last blocker bug before AppStore submission, and it just appeared out of nowhere, please help :frowning:

Some additional detail to add: when the app crashes, it does not reload. It stays closed until I tap it to reload it. Also, I’ve just installed sentry and it doesn’t fire off any crash reports either for this particular crash. Any other ideas?

can you do a simulator build exp build:ios -t simulator and link to it here (or message me privately with it and let me know how to reproduce this?

Absolutely. I’m not sure if it’ll reproduce on the simulator, though, as I’ve only seen it on the standalone iOS app on an actual phone. I’ll build it now and send it over.

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