Standalone build

HI All,

The docs said: Under the hood, it’s a modified version of the Expo client which is designed only to load a single URL (the one for your app) and which will never show the Expo home screen or brand.
What does it mean? My app works offline perfectly it doesnot load any external URL (or I missed something).
Could you explain how the building process works? I think that any components will be part of the final IPA or APK and these dont download any additional content. Is it right?

Thank you for your answers!!

When you ran build command

  • expo-cli creates js bundle and assets and uploads them to expo server (internal call to expo publish)
  • when builds starts on our server last published version is fetched and included inside apk/ipa

When you start apk/ipa on your device

  • it’s using a bundle that is already there
  • checks for OTA updates(enabled by default)
  • if new version was published on the same release channel it downloads it, new bundle will be used on the next application start

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