Standalone app without wifi

Hello !
I have build an expo standalone app, actually in testing with both Android and IOS (TestFlight).
Everything works fine, except when my app is not connected to the wifi !
Do you have an idea ?

Could you explain a little more about your app’s behavior when not connected to wifi? Like… is the app able to load correctly? Is it that network requests no longer work? Assuming that you still have some sort of connection, I’m not aware of any differences in behavior based on a specific network or connection.

I use expo-camera.
When the app is connected to wifi the image is uploaded on my server without trouble. But when i am not connected to wifi, for exemple 4G the picture is not uploaded on my server. I guess is about the size of the image, and I don’t figure out why.

I am using also flatlist to display images, when the phone is connected to 4G, some pictures are displayed immediately, and some else take longer to load. Is there a max image size flatlist in 4G?

Someone else may know if there is a max image size or if things are just very slow - I’d expect them to just be very slow.

I definitely saw my image uploads as well as loading images taking a long time in general. I ended up decreasing the quality number to 0.5 and also asynchronously saving images in a few different sizes so that I could serve the optimal size to the client. I’m not sure if there’s anything out of the box to make this easier though :frowning: If someone else can chime in here, I’d benefit from it too.

Just what I needed, worked a treat, thank you . . .