Standalone App testing and Deployment guide

I have the successfully built .IPA file with exp build:ios command.

I think there should be a guide for things like how to test standalone app on physical mobile, how to send it to other people for testing, how to submit it to the app store, which developer can follow to ease up this process.

I have heard from people to use testflight, but there is no guide on how to upload it there, then I have heard people saying use Application Loader but again there is no guide with it, that I can read and follow along.

Any help in the right direction would be appriciated.

Hey @bhargav! I’m really sorry about this – must be difficult if this is your first time.

I went and found a guide from April 2017 for you

In addition here are some other resources that look useful:
iOS Tutorial: Beta testing with TestFlight - YouTube (22k views on youtube)

Good luck, sorry we don’t provide anything else here.