Standalone app iOS size too large (218mb)

Hi Everyone !
Before starting, sorry for my English ! I’ll do my best !

I wanted to build my app for iOS, so, I used “exp build:ios” but that’s makes me an IPA too big ( > 200mb)
So I tried to detach my app to compile with ExpoKit, but that’s not a standalone app… That’s makes me an app whose connect to the expo server for launch my code ( and download it every time I launched it )

How should I build my app, and have it with better size ( around of 30mb )

Thank you for your help !

Hi! I responded on StackOverflow. Be sure to check your assets and keep in mind that the binary includes multiple architectures. When you submit to the app store you’ll see the actual size, unfortunately you can’t see it before then.

Thank you notbrent, here the StackOverflow link :

just in case, someone might need it.



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