Standalone App (iOS) crashes when loading MapView (Google Maps)


I’m trying to get Google Maps working on an iOS app but it crashes when I load a MapView using Google Maps (i tried provider=“google” and provider={PROVIDER_GOOGLE}) while i can display the map without any problem with Expo Client on iOS or Android.

Standalone app on Android works also very well.

I’ve read this : , I’ve enabled Google Maps SDK for iOS and created the API key with the good bundleIdentifier following the instructions. I copied the key in my app.json like this :

"ios": {

      "buildNumber": "1.0.1",

      "bundleIdentifier": "com.**************.app",

      "config": {

        "googleMapsApiKey": "*********************************************"


Thank you for you help !

Expo version : 3.27.14

Hey @znoue, Sounds like you’re followed the correct steps. What SDK version are you building with?


Hey @adamjnav and thank you for your answer.

I’m sorry I forgot that, the SDK version I’m building with is 37.0.12
(react : 16.9.0, react-native : 0.61.4)


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