Standalone App Binaries Pulling OTA Releases from Multiple Channels

According to Expo’s docs on building a standalone app under a channel:

The binary produced will only pull releases published under the specified channel.

However, something odd happened yesterday - we published to a staging channel and our production binaries began pulling that release rather than the most recent release from the channel specified when they were originally built and submitted to app stores.

We regularly publish to staging channels for QA and also regularly deploy OTA updates via publishing to our production release channel, but this is the first time something like that has happened - has anyone else recently had issues with standalone binaries pulling the wrong release? Is there something of which we’re unaware that may be contributing to this issue?

Note: We’re using Expo v30.0.0 and we verified that we didn’t accidentally publish to our production channel by viewing the publishing history provided by expo-cli

Hey @grand,

This certainly shouldn’t be happening. I’ve raised this issue internally and we’ll circle back here when we have more information.



hi @grand, your expectations are correct and the staging release should not be leaking into the production channel. Are you able to reproduce this problem? If you are able to construct a toy example with the issue, that would ideally be the easiest to help us track down the root cause and fix it :sweat:

Hello I apologize for the late notice - this was an internal mistake and all of our release channels are working as expected. Sorry again for the false alarm.

@grand No worries! Glad you got it figured out.

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