SQLite Foreign Key not working; Unable to Resolve Table "xxxxx"

I am trying to create some very basic tables with some foreign keys involved. Although everything else has worked fine so far, I can’t get the table where I have named foreign key to work. I am using IntelliJ IDEA, and essentially what’s happening is it says the parent table cannot be resolved. I have turned on PRAGMA all the way at the top

const db = SQLite.openDatabase('sampleDB.db')

db.exec([{ sql: 'PRAGMA foreign_keys = ON;', args: [] }], false, () =>
    console.log('Foreign keys turned on')
db.transaction(tx => {

                CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Profile (
                profile_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL,
                username VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
                height FLOAT,sex VARCHAR NOT NULL,
                starting_weight INT,
                current_weight FLOAT,
                goal_weight FLOAT);
                    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS k (
                   k_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL,
                   profile_id INTEGER,
                   FOREIGN KEY (profile_id) REFERENCES Profile (profile_id) );

This is how it’s looking:

And this is the same problem with every other table. Any help is greatly appreciated!