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I’ve recently developed my first very simple expo app, allowing Spotify user to get a recommendations of tracks based on seeds and genres (that you can select). You can swipe left to see the next track or swipe right to add the track to your Spotify playlist. Big thanks to the Expo team, they make development on react-native so easy.

Expo link:


Hey, just signed in with Spotify and I just get a blank screen?

hmm what phone do you have ? @codeluca

i’ve got a pixel 2 xl

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Thanks man for your feedback, i found the problem. I just publish the new version, you can try again (if you want) :blush:

seem to get the same issue! just a blank screen still

You seem to be using Auth0 for login, I’m curious to see how you managed to do that.

Hi @raedslab, it is not Auth0 but the OAuth 2.0 standard. You can see a very simple example the AuthSession in the expo documentation,

i push the repository of my app

You can ask me if you have questions about AuthSession :wink: