Splash screen not showing

I have ejected CRNA and genereate signed apk , In this signed apk the splash screen is not appearing which is defined in app.json, but is appearing in expo generated apk

Hi @ganesh_g_v - do you mean you ran npm run eject on your CRNA project? If so, that means you have a plain React Native project without Expo, so you’ll need to add & manage the splash screen to your Android project yourself.

You may want to try exp detach instead of npm run eject, which gives you native projects that you can add third party libraries to, but with all of the Expo-specific stuff. Check out our detach guide here: https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/expokit/detach

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Hello @esamelson thanks for your feedback, i have tried with exp detach, still it is not showing splash screen which is defined in app.json. and i have to upload my app to play store,
" https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/expokit/detach " in this link they clearly mentioned that "you should not detach if you distribute your app to play store or app store ".

Thank you

Hi @ganesh_g_v - I think what the docs mean is that “you should not detach if the only thing you need is to distribute your app to the play/app store.” I assume you need some third party module that Expo doesn’t provide, and that’s why you’re detaching?

Regarding the splash screen, it will not work if it’s added to app.json after you detach. Did you have everything defined properly in app.json before running exp detach? If so, do you remember when you ran exp detach (what date)?


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