Splash screen issue with Expo SDK 22

I have splash screen issue with Expo SDK v22 as built standalone app.
My app launch has no problem usually. But my app get issue under the following conditions.

  1. Uninstall old app.
  2. Reinstall new app from App Store.
  3. Tap home icon of my app.

Then, it display black area like gif animation below.


I am not using loading api.
Probably new version app remaining old version app cache. Because this black area size is just old app setting of splash image.
FYI, this problem is not happen when completely first install this app to a device.

My app.json is

      "splash": {
        "resizeMode": "contain",
        "image": "./app/images/splash.png"

Hi @aglio -

This sounds like a serious problem. We’ll try to get to the bottom of it soon. If there’s any other information that you can provide, that would be very helpful.

If you have multiple test devices, does this happen consistently?


Hi @ccheever -
Thank you for your reply.

Yes, this problem consistently happans.
I also get the same problem when I test on the other devices with the same condition.
However as mentioned previously, this problem does not happen when the app is installed for the first time, or just upgrade from old version without uninstalling.

I think this problem has the same cause that @ryszard posted on Slack of Expo Developers.

This is a serious problem. Splash Screen is most commonly the first startup screen which appears when App is opened. I think this link helps you to better understand about splash screen and to fix your problem. http://abhiandroid.com/programming/splashscreen

I encounter this problem only an iOS app. I have not confirmed this problem on Android, because I have not release Android app yet.

Hi @aglio, would you be so kind and try the following scenario:

  1. Uninstall the app
  2. Restart your device
  3. Install the app
    The result would be very helpful, thanks for reporting this.

Wow! This problem is gone!
That means that as I imagined, had the device is remaining old cache?
In fact I think that this problem is a rare case, but I hope this problem will be completely solved.
Thanks @aalices.

Thank you for checking this! Most probably this is an iOS specific issue ([like here]). Like you’re saying - images are being cached :hushed:
I am not sure if there’s anything Expo can do about it but I’ll do some more research.(https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/68244)

Oh, I got it. It seems like a difficult problem… (´・ω・`)
Thank you for your information!

Hi, this seems like a pretty old thread, but the problem is still happening and is happening on android too (in this thread they reported the problem in ios).
Made a clean build of the app, uploaded it to the play store, uninstalled my old app and reinstalled the new version from the play store. It is still showing the old splash screen. Also, in development mode, using the expo client, the new splash screen is used.

I have this issue too. Have you resolved it now?

I have the same issue on Android, SDK35