Splash screen image initializing as black


I’ve just started using the new splash screen api, and I’m seeing the splash screen image coming through as black originally, on a full .ipa build on testflight on io. It looks like like the first image below, until the image loads.
(The splash image itself is a logo on a transparent background, the size of an iPhone X)

This doesn’t happen with a published app in expo, just with the full build.


Any ideas what might be causing this, and if I can make the image default to transparent until it is loaded?


Hey I’m getting this too! Has anyone figured this one out?

I’m getting this too with an ejected app, SDK 27.

Can we get some help from Expo on this?

Hmm, I think it’s some kind of iOS caching bug. Following these steps fixed the issue for me:

  • hard reset the phone
  • uninstall the app
  • install the app

The same steps are listed on a few different posts on stackoverflow, i.e. https://stackoverflow.com/a/46375367/172973