Spend 5 seconds to read QR code from Expo Barcode Scanner

I have encountered one problem. I use barcode scanner from expo. It spends around 5 seconds to focus and detect or read the QR code. Simply, the source code is from expo example. Thanks!

Is your screen brightness up high, and if you are using a terminal, is your text white (not red or green etc.)? Usually this is pretty fast.

Do you have a very old phone?

It is navy blue. Does it support only black and white?

@ccheever very slow on older devices

Expo on Android uses a QR code scanning library from Google. In my experience, it is less quick and less robust than Apple’s scanner, but a couple of things that can help are to make the QR code clear and high-contrast. Make sure your terminal is big enough, try using white characters on a black background, and perhaps clean your screen and camera lens so the picture is clear. It will probably still take a couple of seconds to detect the QR code.


Thanks for your information

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