Speech API, further documentation and details

Seeking help regarding the (currently thinly documented) Speech API, https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/speech/
Is there more detailed information on what underlying services/drivers this API is calling, and therefore what optionality is available?

  1. Is it possible to select the gender of the speaker, or to choose from multiple speaker voices?
  2. What languages are available, for example is en-GB available, or only en?
  3. What control over the way the speech is produced are available? Is it possible to use inline markup to customize speech output, as with Amazon Polly and Google Speech?
  4. Is it possible to use webAPIs to generate speech, eg Polly/AWS? If not, feature request!


You can find some answers and further links in this thread: Speech module - change to a male voice?

Yes you can customize the voice, but there’s no easy way of finding out which other voices are available. Better support/API:s are coming in SDK33 (see link above).

I’m not familiar with how these services work, but if they’re able to talk to your app over some kind of HTTP API then it’s probably possible to integrate it.

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