Specifying cocoapods in eas.json not allowed

Hi everyone!

Just attempted an ios build on eas and received an error:

Build failed: Your project requires a newer version of CocoaPods, you can update it in the build profile in eas.json by either:
- changing the current version under key "cocoapods"
- switching to an image that supports that version under key "image"

Because of this, I tried updating my eas.json to the following:

  "build": {
    "release": {
      "cocoapods": "1.11.2"
    "preview": {
      "distribution": "internal",
      "cocoapods": "1.11.2"
  "cli": {
    "version": ">= 0.38.3"

Why attempting to build again, I immediately get this error:

Error: eas.json is not valid [ValidationError: "build.release.cocoapods"
     is not allowed. "build.preview.cocoapods" is not allowed]

Not super sure why this would be since this seems to be the exact naming asked for in the original error. Any ideas?


put it under the ios key

"ios": { "cocoapods": "..." }

Ahhh, thanks brent!!

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