Sourcemaps with sentry aren't working

I followed the docs for setting up sentry.

The post-publish hook runs

[19:49:08] Running postPublish hook: sentry-expo/upload-sourcemaps
[19:49:08] Created release 0.1.43-r.oxLmKn67pn.

[19:49:29] > Analyzing 4 sources
> Rewriting sources
> Adding source map references
> Uploading source maps for release 0.1.43-r.oxLmKn67pn

Source Map Upload Report
  Minified Scripts
    ~/ (sourcemap at
    ~/main.ios.bundle (sourcemap at
  Source Maps

There are releases in sentry

But when an error is thrown, there is nothing in the stack trace section.

Error: stack trace?
  at ? ([native code])

I am having the same problem. It seems works fine on IOS, but got [native code] all the time on Android.


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