Something went wrong. ???

Could not load exp:// Network response timed out.

I’ve had this one for some days but continued using the Tunnel. Now the tunnel stopped working …too slow or something.

Any troubleshooting tips for connection errors?

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Hi :wave:

Here are some things you can check (although you may have already done a few):

  • Is Expo CLI running? If not you can start it with expo start . Check that the URL matches the one shown in the Expo client app.
  • Does the URL shown in the app point to the IP address or hostname of your computer?
  • Is a firewall blocking access to this port (e.g. 19000) on your computer? If the firewall settings can’t be changed, you might want to use the tunnel URL. Start Expo CLI with expo start --tunnel (or switch connection type in the sidebar of Expo Dev Tools).

Also make sure your device is on the same network as the computer serving your project!

Hi @charliecruzan,

Yes, CLI running, url is 192.168.., connecting through my phone via 4G.

I don’t know about firewall settings. Could find Node.js there being open but found nothing on Expo. How should the settings be? That’s opening up to an application or a port?

I can connect trough a tunnel , but it is so slow that I would say it is impossible to work on. Havent succeeded on publishing through a tunnel yet.

I’m using Windows btw.

Do you know how the firewall settings should be?

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