Something went wrong during upgrade (npm install expo-cli --global)

Something went wrong during upgrade (npm install expo-cli --global) …probably lost internet connection.

Now I cant do either install or uninstall of expo-cli.

It failes with this message:

Unexpected end of JSON input while parsing near ‘…,“lru-cache”:"^4.1.3"’

How do I uninstall enough to do a new install?

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It seems you will have to remove it manually.

Try npm root -g to get the location.
Then manually remove the expo-cli directory and its contents from there.

There might also be expo and expo-cli in node’s bin directory.

After that, if I were you I would npm install expo-cli -g, npm uninstall expo-cli -g and then npm install expo-cli -g again, but maybe I’m just paranoid :smile:

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Sometimes you can’t be too paranoid …wnt to uninstall Node.js, repairing it etc. But didn’t help. What I finally had to do was this one:

npm cache clean --force

Thanks for the help @wodin !!! Much appreciated !!!

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