[Solved] WebBrowser crushes expo client without log

I forgot to append domain name to the front of resumeURL… how can I delete this post?

I called WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync() in a two-level nested async API function. However, it crashes expo client.

On iOS expo just crashes without any message, and on Android it says Expo has stopped working. How should I debug this with no feedback…

_exportResume = (templateType) => {
//update template info through API
profile_id: this.state.resumeID,
template: templateType
}).then((result) => {
if (!result) {
console.log(“API ERROR: failed to update resume template type”, result);
else {
//fetch resume to see if template has changed or not
profile_id: this.state.resumeID,
}).then((resume) => {
//fetch pdf
profile_id: this.state.resumeID,
ext: ‘pdf’
}).then((resumeURL) => {
//Open url in native web browser
if (resumeURL) WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync(resumeURL);

}).catch((error) => {
  console.log("API ERROR: failed to update resume template type", error);


Don’t worry about deleting the post. It might help someone in the future!

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