[SOLVED] Standalone build failed ! bundleIdentifier fails to match the required pattern


expo build:ios => Standalone build failed !, hope for Logs, or way to debug.

The story :

I have an old app made by another team:

  • APPV1 bundleIdentifier : com.mystudio.app, old react-native 2018 project.
    Since few weeks i’m working on new version.
  • APPV2 com.mystudio.appv2 with expo.

Everything works well. Build, TestFlight, Expo is awesome

I have full access to https://appstoreconnect.apple.com/ & https://developer.apple.com/ to manage certificates and apps for both bundleIdentifier

Problem start when i want to build APP V2 with old bundleIdentifier

I try many revoke, recreate, and change with credentials, p12, … and remove all and let Expo handle process.

But all build attempt finish with
× Build failed.
Standalone build failed!

No error, no way, no hope.
Build ID:

How can I see the error logs ?

Thanks in advance.

interesting! you could try setting up turtle-cli locally to get more info. instructions for how to do that here: Building Standalone Apps on Your CI - Expo Documentation

Thanks for your quick response !

I just setup turtle-cli, and …

I’m doomed!

Oct 13 22:59:09 turtle[9484] ERROR: Failed to build standalone app
  err: ValidationError: child "config" 
fails because [child "bundleIdentifier" fails because 
["bundleIdentifier" with value "-42SUM87BU.com.appname.ios" 
fails to match the required pattern: /^[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9\-.]+$/]]

Thanks to the previous team for the creativity in bundleIdentifier

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oh no! very creative bundle identifier indeed. i believe we support this pattern of bundle identifier on eas build, which has a bunch of benefits over using “expo build”. you could try that out instead. we could potentially update our bundle identifier validator to support this but we’re largely in maintenance mode for “expo build” right now

Thanks again for the quick responses !

I am testing EAS build now.
I would tell you how the build goes.

EDIT: Build successfully with EAS

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