[SOLVED] [SDK v27] Any timeline for ios build?

Apparently test flight is backed online for a few days. I has been refreshing the blog post since Apr 26, but still don’t see the note disappear.

While it has been “sometime later today” for a few days, is there any schedule or idea on when the build service will be available?

Thanks Expo team for the great work of course.

hi! it’s updated now

@notbrent - i was having issues where the ipa that was built did not have my latest updates. Have you all experience any issues with this build?

@djangojack Me too. I’m opening a new post for this.

@djangojack Do you mean

  1. Getting old JS on newly installed ipa standalone, or
  2. iOS standalone build config is not updating?

I have opened a post about [2], but I has also experienced [1] when updating my standalone on testflight and opening it the 1st time.

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