[SOLVED] Genymotion cannot connect to Expo XDE

A previously working Andoid project was updated to SDK 20.0.0 and since then I haven’t been able to run the app on Genymotion. I am now running out of ideas of what to try next. Below is a list of the steps

OS: Ubunutu 16.04
Re-installed Genymotion
Set the Android SDK path
Run npm install -g exp and run exp path
adb reverse doesn’t show any errors
adb devices lists the device
http://localhost:19000/ on the PC browser returns JSON structure ( as does using the LAN address )
http://:19000/ on the PC and emulator returns the JSON structure
Using Localhost to open on the emulator reports Connection Refused
Using LAN IP to open the app on the emulator reports packager not running on 19001
Using Tunnel on either the emulator or Andoid phone returns Error 502
I have tried NAT & Bridge mode for the Network on the virtual device

Does anybody have any other suggestions?


Further information -

I have tried updating to SDK 21.0.0 and have the same problems

Running nmap -p 19001 localhost shows the port is closed. Both ports 19000 & 19001 are open when I start Expo but port 19001 is closed after I try to open the app on genymotion.


Does the regular simulator that comes with Android studio work?

Hi Edgar,
I get the same issue with the Android Studio emulator.


What Android version is the emulator on? adb reverse only works on 5.0 and up. Really confused that 19001 seems to close when you open the app on Genymotion. When you’re trying to open localhost:19000 in Genymotion are you trying that in the Expo app? You could try it in the Genymotion web browser to rule out any issue with the Expo app.

Android 6 emulation.

If I try localhost:19000 from the emulator I get connection refused. If I use the LAN address:19000 then I get the project JSON data. Either localhost or LAN to 190001 from the emulator browser returns connection refused and nmap shows the port is closed.

I have installed Expo / Genymotion on a MacBook and the project is working fine on there.

Solved by this thread Packager starts then stops silently