[solved] android: understanding directory versioned/host/exp/exponent

I successfully compiled expoclient from source. Then I slimmed down in removing the old sdks. Everythings still works. Now in expoview I have under android/expoview/src/main/java/ the directories:

  • abi30_0_0/host/exp/exponent
  • host/exp
  • versioned/host/exp/exponent

… so with the latest sdk (at time of writing this) I need abi30_0_0/host/exp/exponent, but what about versioned/host/exp/exponent? Do I still need this? What is the purpose of this? Because I am thinking of slimming more down…

Hey @anil_from_the_alps - If you are building only a standalone app then you don’t need the versioned directory, though it may take a bit of work to properly extract it from the code. However if you are building the Expo client then it will take a bit more work, as currently the Expo “Home” experience (with projects/account screens, etc) runs using the versioned directory modules. It is theoretically possible to get this to use abi30_0_0 code instead, but it would probably be simpler to just leave both copies in for now. Also, if you are building an expoview aar that will use the versioned directory as well.

Hope that helps!

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