So... I can absolute trust in Expo?!

Hi everyone, this is my first post on forum, have a nice day!

I used expo (version 37.0.3) to build project, first glance to convince customer sign at contract, I make sure build app both android & ios but … sincerely, I don’t have laptop macos or iphone (around economics), look at root of project, I see expo build both android & ios, I can test android on both emulator & device but ios … I can confidence talk with client what souce ios can operate normally on their devices (even I never test it) …

You asked this question in Expo for Web category so I’m assuming you are talking about a mobile version of the website not about native andoroid/ios apps. In that case this is just website, it should look the same everywhere.

If you meant native apps, you should test them on ios, especially if you doing this for customers. There are different APIs for a different platform, some of the components look different, setting up external services like e.g. notifications are handled totally differently and there might be platform-specific bugs in expo, react-native or iOS.

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