deleted My Snack, please recover it

I lost my snack, yet I still access application on mobile via QR code. Is there a way to recover the code? It supposes to be in this URL: REACT EDX - Snack.

It have been happened once before and I’ve solved this by creating new one with same name and check for previous versions. By this time, I have done the same but it direct to REACT EDX - Snack and show “Internal Server Error”

Hi @thitikorn.kae! First of all, our apologies for the trouble. We fixed the issue causing your snack to error, you should be able to open them again. If you see a blank page, with an error in your console similar to TypeError: Invalid Version: ^1.0.0, please wipe the cache for Snack and try again.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you ever so much. Now, I can access my previous version.

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