SMS Verification For android and ios

I am trying to do sms verification through react native where an OTP will be sent to a provided number. It worked when I was doing it normally in react native following this example react-native-sms-android - npm but in expo project its not working. Though the package only works for android , I want a solution which will work for both android and ios.

Hey @debadritabose,

That library isn’t working because it requires you to make native code changes which isn’t available in a standard CRNA project. You would have to eject which will then create the ios/android directories where you can make said native code changes.

I haven’t used it personally but it looks like this may be a viable option in which you wouldn’t have to eject.



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As far as i know you cant auto read SMS on iphone . We have used react-native-android-sms-listener to implement otp auto read . we have detached from expo . you will also need to acquire the permissions for SMS . . Refer to for expo and android permissions .

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