Small OTA update to app on old SDK

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 30
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):Android+iOS

Hey all,

A client has asked me for a small change to an older app that hasn’t been upgraded since Expo SDK 30. He wants it done as fast and cheaply as possible (don’t they all), so I’ll hold off on upgrading the SDK and packages, and just perform the changes and push OTA.

My question is in regards to my estimate - I seem to remember that the Expo Client app will sometimes require old apps to upgrade the SDK in order to work with the project. How would I go about testing my changes on a phone if this is the case for SDK 30? Is there any way to download older versions of the Expo Client?

Are there any other problems I might encounter with this small OTA update for an older project? Maybe someone have some experience in this area.


Hey @jhalborg,

You can find a link to an older Expo Client download that supports SDK30 in the “Dropping SDK versions” section of this blog post

You shouldn’t encounter any issues from the actual act of publishing (pushing an OTA update).


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Hi all, I asked a similar question in another threat, but didn’t get any concrete answer:

Does anybody know how long ota updates do work? Eg. will it be possible to push updates to an expo 30 app in the year 2025?

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